The Liminal Lens

Is an Instagram handle visually capturing India’s discourse on gender. “Liminal” refers to space or a metaphorical realm where ideas and concepts, artistic, political, cultural social or otherwise are in constant states of contestation and negotiation. The liminal lens thereby is capturing these negotiations and contestations around gender in India which are constantly evolving.


KrantiKālī is a youth-led multi-platform gender innovation lab working for the gender revolution. We promote gender equity & feminism through performance art, film, theatre, and tech innovation. Our aim is to educate, spread awareness and generate discussions to further gender equality by strengthening young feminist advocacy.

Youth for Gender Equality

An online and offline campaign on gender sensitization in schools and colleges. We’re working at promoting UN’s SDG 5 towards gender equality. An extension of this campaign includes addressing Sexual Harassment at the workplace through interactive workshops for corporates. This kind of a program structure fosters and enables the pay it forward attitude among the youth and at the same time encouraging gender sensitive behavior.


FeMisra-e-Masawat is a tribute to the relationship between feminist activism, poetry and reclaiming public spaces. Poetry has always been activism’s favorite child used to convey philosophy, succinctly and with rhythm. Thereby, creating Young Feminist Circles through Femisra-e-Masawat: Celebrating Feminist Poetry for equality. 



Over a human.   Once again the country has called for a candle march, Once again the dirt has risen up against the safety in this nation, Once again the citizens have drowned in the ocean of disdainful contempt looking at the government they believed in. This time it is not for a 21 year …