#Events Update: Mental Health Week

Neelesha Dhawan Image Courtesy:Facebook/ Express Yourself Cluster Innovation Center, University of Delhi, in collaboration with MASH Project teamed up for another steaming event in the city- The Mental Health Celebrations week. This two day event saw a vibrant population of young enthusiasts ready to unveil the veiled, the itching issues of mental health and LGBTQ community rights in our society. […]


Krishna Wagh A young feminist’s journey to her feminist political awakening! As a young woman from a relatively small town who had moved to Mumbai, I had been sufficiently warned by my parents about the different ways I may be harmed, ranging from not wearing open toe shoes in monsoon lest I get an infection […]

Gather round kids, today we learn the Queer Alphabet!

Rhea Dangwal The article has been compiled by Rhea Dangwal in collaboration with someone who identifies with the sexuality and speaks from a lived experience. Since, they would rather not be named, if anyone would like to write to them, get in touch with us at krantikaliblogs@gmail.com and we’ll pass it on! Everywhere a first-person […]

Asking the Aunty for consent but jeopardizing ours?

Aishwarya Shrivastav Image taken from the Event Page on Facebook. The rules for what goes viral on the internet are as obscure as the medium itself. If you’ve been anywhere near social media this past week, you would have noticed many organised events popping up on facebook, painstakingly curated in different cities calling out to […]

Rape Justice spelled backwards is M-I-S-O-G-Y-N-Y

Srivatsan Q Google Images TRIGGER WARNING: The following article contains strong language, and references to sexual violence, rape, and graphic descriptions Rape has never been merely sexual — it goes beyond to the political, social, and moral construction of our society. We have come to believe that rape need be violent and gruesome, that it’s all about […]