Over a human.


Once again the country has called for a candle march,

Once again the dirt has risen up against the safety in this nation,

Once again the citizens have drowned in the ocean of disdainful contempt looking at the government they believed in.

This time it is not for a 21 year old Dalit woman,

It is not for a 34 year old Muslim woman,

It is not for a 18 year old Hindu woman,

It is for an 8 year old girl. A human, A Child.


When the prayers for Asifa, an 8 year old girl from Kathua, Jammu and Kashmir are bombarding the internet and social media, barraging the now BJP government to take action, people are going out on the streets to seek justice for this girl, from the Bakarwal Community who was abducted, repeatedly gangraped and murdered by a gang of men who wanted to dislodge a sect of a religion, as filed in the latest chargesheet submitted in the first week of April.

This is what we have come to? In the name of religion?


What  actually happened?

What the chargesheet and media says :

An 8 year old girl is abducted by two men, a juvenile (who is introduced to the plan of taking revenge on the Bakarwal by his uncle, Sanji Ram a retired revenue official and a custodian of the Devisthan Temple) and the juvenile’s friend, while she is grazing her horses. Juvenile and his friend drug the victim, and rape her before locking her up in the temple. Sanji Ram’s son Vishal, the investigating officer Anand Dutta who is bribed by Sanji Ram, the  Special Police Officer Deepak Khajuria, all get involved and rape the victim before murdering her and dumping her body in the jungle where it is found by a passerby.


The Aftermath:


Two BJP officials march out in the rallies supporting the rapists and demanding protection for the rapists in the name of their religion’s  ‘honour’. The lawyers defending the accused have stooped down to the level of stopping the police from filing a chargesheet. These BJP officials have submitted their resignation recently after the matter coming to the limelight.

Is the resignation of the leaders representing the citizens of the country who are blinded by their religion to an extent where they support the rape and murder of an eight year old girl because she is from a lower Muslim Community enough?


On the contrary, people from the Hindu community are constantly questioning the so called reality being potrayed. Many people are supporting the Panther Partys demand for holding a CBI enquiry and making videos of the temple area to prove the accused being innocent and framed by the Bakarwals. While some are supporting this story others are heavily waiting for the hell bent on punishing the accused. Post mortem evidence has confirmed the rape of the girl by several men. Eight invovled of them invovled in the entire case.


  Cops, an investigator, religious enthusiasts, have they all forgotten humanity?


How far has the case reached in three months?
A chargesheet has been filed, the accused have been arrested, the family of the victim has fled the village. CM Mufti has appealed to the Chief Justice of Jammu and Kashmir for a faster court trial. The state government has decided to terminate from service the cops accused in the case. PM Modi and many other BJP leaders have expressed their grief, after three months of the incident. The PDP Minister, Naeem Akhtar wants justice for the 8 year old and believes that the government will bring a law stating death penalty for rapists raping minors.
Ram Madhav, BJP General Secretary talks about there being no threat to the PDP-BJP Coalition in J&K. C.P. Ganga states that he will make a sacrifice by resigning to save the image of his party whilst demanding a CBI enquiry in the matter.
(as quoted by Naeem Akhtar, Ram Madhav, C.P. Ganga, posted on https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/kathua-rape-case-top-developments/articleshow/63762035.cms)

It is not about the image of the party here, it is about religion overpowering humanity.

It is about laws being made, or in the process of being made but harldy implemented.

It is about the justice to the victim before it is about the coalition of the government.


What is the News, Social Media concerned with?

News channels have been following the case quite seriously. News papers have been neutral in their depiction of the case. People have been tweeting enormously questioning the stance of the BJP government. Social Media users have been posting pictures of the victim and writing about the threat the women in this country are posed with. There have been rallies, protests and marches.
This has led for the case to become sensationalized and lurid. And with the access to social media, many users post only to indulge in the trend without even knowing about the pretext therefore being insensitive due to plain ignorance.

Videos are being made showcasing the rooms of the temple and questioning the story filed in the chargesheet. How can a girl be held captive in a temple with more than five long windows? Why will someone call their son from another state to rape a girl? How will a human be held captive in a temple for a week and no one will find out? A lot of such questions are posed in the videos and shown in the media channels. Why is the PDP government not giving the case to CBI for enquiry? Is justice really been done? Only time will tell.

However,  in the end the only thing stressed upon is the religion. People dont care about lives, they just do about a tag.

Yes, giving voice and speaking up is important. But what is the question you are posing? What do you support? Who are you questioning? What is your question?

When asked to a 21 year old humanities student, Vrushali Kadam, she says, “We keep repeating the same things over and over again. Things always need to be implemented, initiated or eliminated. As a woman who lives in this country my life revolves around these three processes which aren’t even achieved in the end. And when awful incidents like these and countless others that go unreported are so blatantly ignored not just by this sham of a government but by the people, it indeed feels like it going to be a rough ride for this country to establish a strong sense of responsibility, acceptability and a humongous change in the kind of mentality we breed at home.

In the context of the Unnao and Asifa Cases, it is horrendous to know that there are people who support those monsters in the name of the ruling party and its saffron agenda. I mean, what sort of thought process must reign the persons mind before raping, torturing and killing a child in the name of communal politics?

I only need one thing from this government as a woman, a responsible citizen and as a student of humanities who has high hopes for her generation; I want it to leave. We don’t need another NDA government, We don’t need another communal violence. And we certainly do not want to breed another misogynist, biased, Hindutva chanting goons in this country. And your next question aims at, “If not them then who?”

Stop yourself right there and go through every atrocious, violent, uncalled for and attention seeking act pulled off by Bhakts over the last four years in the name of party politics, Hinduism, Misogyny and then we can talk. I am making anyone willing to hear, listen. We cannot let this go like countless other instances.” – Vrushali Kadam.

The public is enraged with the now BJP government. And with the silence received from not only PM Modi but also the women leaders of BJP who otherwise are very effective for changing economies, currencies and institutions overnight have not yet taken a stance on justice.

The thing is, Rape is a crime that was committed even during the NDA government, and has been committed irrespective of which government comes into power. The rapists are not being punished. The corrupt leaders are not being held accountable for their corrupt behavior. And the victim and their family suffers in between all that goes under the table.

How will the law be exercized if the corrupt are not being exposed?

If the political ego and pride come in way of justice?

If we the citizens get blinded by the false media accusations?

It is time we make the law work, it is time we, the people together preach to bring justice by finding out the authenticity of the matter and not blindly falling into pits of false jurisdiction by using the media as a powerful tool.

It is high time, we grow sensible and united as a country, as one.


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