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KrantiKālī is a multi-platform, social start-up working toward the gender revolution. We advocate gender equity and feminism through gender inclusive performance art, film, theatre and technnovation. Our aim is to educate, spread awareness and generate discussions on gender equality.

Our work revolves around multiple projects such as:

The Liminal Lens, an Instagram handle capturing India’s discourse on gender.

SNAN i.e. Say No Accept No, is an online and offline campaign on gender sensitization in schools and colleges. An extension of this campaign includes addressing Sexual Harassment at the workplace through interactive workshops for corporates.

Creating Young Feminist Circles through FemiNazm: Celebrating Feminist Poetry.

An upcoming crowd-sourced blog that promotes dialogue on gender and feminism specifically curating people’s personal experiences.

To be Launched soon- A series of walks celebrating the women of India- City wise.

At KrantiKālī we embrace a wide, inclusive and intersectional definition of feminism. We believe that a feminist is a person who believes in the social, political and economic equality of all people regardless of their gender, skin colour, class, caste, sexual orientation and ability.

We want to get as many people talking as we can. We want conversations, discussions and debates. This includes people who are unsure of where they stand with respect to feminism, those who have biases, and especially those who have no clue about what feminism is.

One of our long term project goals is helping women and young girls from disadvantaged backgrounds attain and sustain economic empowerment and independent thinking.